Christmas and New Year

Before Christmas I was on placement again so I was very busy as my placement was in Torbay I was travelling every shift to Torbay by train. This travelling back and forth to work is very draining but I am glad I have done it as it’s a very important learning experience.

I found it very good to celebrate Christmas with my house mates before I went home by doing something like going out for a meal and a few drinks. I also found it great to do the same with my friends from back home. This is great as you can come together and talk about old times and how university is going for them. All of my friends from home went to university so we can talk about experiences and what we’ve been up to.


Another enjoyable part of being at home is the time I can spend with my dog. As I spent lot I time with him in sixth form when he was a puppy, it is great to see how much he has grown up and how big he has got.


On Christmas Day I have a tradition since I was 14 to go on a bike ride, this year was no different as I cycled to Cardiff bay on all the empty roads and through a very empty Cardiff City centre. It was a very sunny day and was very calm… it made a very beautiful scene to experience.


In between Christmas and New Year, I went to watch Cardiff Blues play. This is something I have done since a very young age and I enjoyed being at the game a lot as I haven’t watch them play in the Cardiff Arms Park since the beginning of October. I also went to London and went to Borough Market and saw the sights of London and spent a few days with her. I spent New Year with my family and family friends which I haven’t seen for a few months which was nice to experience. I had to return to Plymouth on the 2nd January to continue my placement.