Looking Back to Summer 2016

I spent a lot of my summer in Plymouth on placement until the middle of July. But that didn’t meant I was able to thoroughly enjoy myself!

Being Welsh this summer was special as our football team did so well in EURO 2016. Being in Plymouth for it was great as there was not many of us celebrating but watching the matches in the Students Union made us unite and support Wales.


I was also able to go to Paris for Wales’ round of 16 game against Northern Ireland. This was a great experience as there were thousands of Wales fans there and it was a great weekend away.


I was also able to fully enjoy the coastline around Plymouth. I spent many evenings after placement and weekends on the beaches surrounding Plymouth. As many of my coursemates were still in Plymouth we were able to drive to many of these beaches and enjoy where we are in the world.


During the summer many of my house mates came down to visit me at my home in Cardiff. I would strongly suggest doing this for a weekend in the summer as you build up your friendships greater and it is very fun to show your housemates around where you live. We also as a group of friends visited London and spent a few nights discovering London.


At the end of summer I was lucky enough to partake in a cycle ride from Cardiff to Tenby. I was able to raise £150 for The British Heart Foundation. I was able to do this alongside my brother, which I was very proud of and was something I would definitely do again for such a good cause.

This experience inspired me to want to raise more money charity so I was given the job of Charities Secretary for the forthcoming year of University of Plymouth Rugby Club.