My Clearing experience

When I received my results last August I was really pleased with what I had got. However, I had an email from my firm choice university that I hadn’t obtained the results to get in. They had changed my offer to attend on a deferred entry for September 2017. This for me was not an option as I felt very much ready to go to university. After going home and talking to my father about this, I came to the conclusion to give clearing a go, even though I had the option to go to my firm choice in September 2017.

Before I got to results day I had made a pre-planned list of universities and courses I was interested in. They had lower entry requirements than my firm choice and around the same as my insurance choice. One piece of advice I will give is that if you do have the safety netting of your insurance choice it is important to think prior to results day whether you want to go there. Also, whether the course is what you want to do in your insurance choice.

After having this discussion, I was able to draw on my list I had created and go straight to these university websites and search on line whether there were any places available on the course. What is helpful is to have multiple devices searching for courses. I also used the UCAS website at this time as it updated with the places available at each university. When going on the university websites it is very clear what the university clearing hotline is. I found it really useful to have my personal statement in front of me, as when you get a chance to talk to the admissions team they may give you a little interview of why you want to apply for your chosen subject.

I found that it is important to talk with someone else while carrying out this process. It is important for it to be someone you know well to help you make your decision.

When in conversation with the university it is important to try and get information about the halls that are available. It is also important to get yourself a university email quickly, this can give you can the chance to setup things like student bank accounts and receiving emails about events in the university.

The most important part of the clearing process is that you complete it on results day. This is due to the places going to other people in the same shoes as you. But first take time to think about what course you want to do and explore your options. This also means you can go and celebrate on results night!

Clearing top tips

  • Write a list of other universities you would be interested in going to and their entry requirements before results day.
  • If you do have the safety netting of your insurance choice it is important to think prior to results day whether you want to go there.
  • Complete the Clearing process on results day after you've had time to think things through.
  • Use multiple devices to help the process and to get the most up to date information on the courses available.
  • Don’t do it alone. Get help from someone.
  • Ask about Halls when you get in.  
  • Celebrate when you get in!!