Being part of the rugby club

After the initial period of getting to know what the rugby club was like on socials and going through the trial process, I found that I really suited the club.  

The University rugby club has a social with a different theme every week on a Wednesday is the main social with many different theme. A Saturday social is a bit more relaxed with no themes. The Wednesday social has the majority of the club members present as this one falls on the same day as BUCS league fixtures. The rugby club has 2 teams in these leagues and there are two other teams that play local teams on a Saturday afternoon. At this time I was playing with Threes. Having been disappointed initially with the fact that I was placed in the third team, I set a goal to play for the second team by Christmas. I was lucky enough to have been picked for the second team in the last game before Christmas. Furthermore I won man of the match in the game.

Whilst being in university in I was lucky enough to have been chosen to play for Devon under 20’s Rugby team. This was a real honour for me to play for them as I have played for Cardiff County at home and to play here for the county meant so much.