My first assignment

The first assignment we did on the child nursing course was called 'Ways of Knowing'. This assignment was a great way to start university as it incorporated many topics that introduced us to university life.

We started out by doing lots about Plymouth University, focusing on what the course was and actually what it took to be a nurse including the qualities we needed. We did lots of activities with our group of 39, looking at the different paths we took to get to university; some people coming from college courses, some from school like me and some coming from previously being a healthcare assistant for many years. 

After these starter activities we looked at why we needed to advocate for children and we were shown many famous stories about how nurses have failed to be advocates for their children. We were also taught the standards that are expected of us as student nurses.
The assessment of this first module was done in many ways. We had tests on how the library works, how to reference our essays, we did some basic medicine calculations and we had to write a reflection on how we got to university and what we expect to get from the course. 

I enjoyed this part of the course as I learnt a lot about how the university works in general and the best ways to get the most from it. I thoroughly enjoyed the maths part of this module, as it was good to start using maths again after having a whole summer of not doing a lot since my A-levels. It was also good to get a piece of written work marked and back so soon after joining university. It was helpful for me as I do not excel in English and it gave me a chance to liaise with tutors about the quality of my written communication. This has since further helped my development of my written language in my other modules.

Whilst this module was taking place we had lots occupational health appointments for our vaccinations, which was exciting as it really made placement feel like it was fast approaching.