Socialising at university

When you come to university the social life of university students it is talked a lot about. There are lots of sports and societies available at Plymouth University and as I have said before, it is good to join a club when coming to university as it is also good to make friends on your course. 

In fresher’s week we were given a chance to mingle with our course mates and those who were doing similar courses to us as part of an event which took place up on the Hoe during the graduation week. It was a good chance for us as course mates to meet up in a more informal setting, and I have got to know a number of people subsequently who I started speaking to on this evening. Two of these people I met at fresher’s week on my course are going to be living in the same house with me next year.  We always go out to the Hoe or to the Students' Union.

The other side to your sports or society club is that you get the chance to go on nights out with each other. This is very much a voluntary part of the society but if you want to go then your more than welcome. It is a chance to meet a lot of people from different courses. It also gives you the chance to wear fancy dress and go out with people who share the same interests with you.

The Child Nursing course however is quite demanding and often means that you are unable to go out and socialise with all your friends as much as other courses can. This is due to being in university 9 am to 4 pm every day when not on placement. When on placement it is important to have some down time with your society or sport though, this relieves lots of the stress of assignments and the pressures of placement.