Starting university at Plymouth

When I came to Plymouth in February 2015 for an interview I knew I liked the place. I got into Plymouth through clearing in the summer of 2015, which I was both relieved and excited about.

When I started university in September it was a big step for me to move from Cardiff to here in Plymouth. I moved into Astor House halls not knowing anyone in my flat and only knowing a few people in the whole university. Before I came to Plymouth I wasn't that scared about meeting new people and settling in although my parents were a bit worried for me moving away and becoming independent. I did have some worries, I was a bit scared about becoming financially independent and also cooking for myself. 

Moving into university halls was great as I met many people from all across the UK. All my flat mates are doing different courses which means I get the chance to meet more people from their respective courses. I also found it useful having friends on my own course (Child Health Nursing) that I can talk to about assignments and lectures. Having these friends that live in close proximity to me is great, as it gives me the opportunity to travel to Derriford hospital for skills sessions together with them and we spend a lot of time with each other. 

In fresher’s week I spent a lot of time walking around fresher’s fair deciding which sports I was going to do and which ones were within my budget. I decided to join the University of Plymouth Men's rugby team as I have played rugby since I was 5 and enjoy it. There are many appealing sports and societies at Plymouth University and I was quite taken back with how many clubs were on offer. I think that it is very important to join a club when coming to university as it helps you get to know more people around campus, gives you a chance to relieve some stress and it also helps get yourself involved in the Plymouth night life.