Placement is what every child nurse looks forward to. It’s what we call the fun part of our degree. I had two placements: one placement in Derriford and another Health visiting.


My first placement was in Derriford in a very busy acute ward where many patients are assessed. The first big shock to the system are the hours you work, especially as I’ve never worked 12 hour shifts. The hours are long and hard on you both physically and mentally at first, but you get used to them after a few weeks. I was forced to learn a lot very quickly in this placement as I have never worked in Clinical area before. I really liked this as I am a person who likes being thrown in the deep end and figuring stuff out for myself.

This placement took place from the end of February until May. As you are on placement some sacrifices have to be made, like not being able to go out and party as much. You must prioritise what is important whilst you’re on placement, as I previously wrote about I was able to attend all training sessions prior to varsity and play in that which took place during this first placement.

My second placement took place in a community setting. I was health visiting in the west of Plymouth. This placement was a Monday to Friday 9-5 job. On this placement I discovered that I didn’t enjoy health visiting and that it wasn’t really the type of child nursing I enjoyed. I was very glad to discover that the university fully supported me during the placement and helped me to talk about it when I needed it.

Placements in the first year were a real eye opener for me and made me very excited to have begun my journey of becoming a nurse.