The weeks before term starts...

So…summer is over! We’ve all had more than enough time to relax and soak up some sun, so it’s only fair we get back to reality. It’s time to load up the car, get back to University and back to work (or more like stressing). If you’re moving into a house from halls, then you have more freedom to express yourself at home, as opposed to the uniform layout that is halls. Halls are a great experience, but having a house means that you have personal space that you can make unique to you. You also get the luxury of a bigger room, cheaper rent, or both if you’re lucky!

Before properly getting back into University life, there’s plenty of time to ease yourself into the year with the infamous Freshers’ week. Freshers’ week is filled with parties, as well as fairs where you can grab as many free things as possible, and endless opportunities to meet new people. Even before that, there are opportunities for student ambassadors (such as myself) to engage in welcoming incoming students to the University. International week, as you can probably guess, is when those from abroad make their way here. Student ambassadors help international students during their arrival by picking them up at the airport, showing them what Plymouth has to offer and answering any immediate questions they may have. International welcome week is filled with additional events, and ends when students from the UK arrive in Plymouth.


During arrivals weekend, student ambassadors gather in numbers at the various halls to help move students into their halls as quickly as possible, whilst also sharing any experiences and advice we may have to make their stay as comfortable as possible. There are so many other opportunities to help the University, and to earn some extra money at the same time. I recommend finding the relevant contact when you arrive, and getting yourself signed up! I think getting immersed during the weeks before term starts is a really good idea, as you get to meet new people and who would turn down the chance to earn money? Also, once this is all over and term starts you’ll be immersed in books instead! Even though you don’t have days on end where you can lounge about, you can still enjoy yourself! As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, it’s healthy to have breaks in a hectic schedule and this is a new year, a year maybe to try something new. This could be something you’ve thought about, but were anxious to try, or something you’ve never heard of and/or liked the idea of it. With the countless number of societies at Plymouth University, there’s always the opportunity to try something new, so make the most of it whilst you can!


So I guess my message for this blog is to use the weeks before term starts to your advantage. If you’re not a student ambassador, it’s well worth trying to become one because you will gain so much from it! If you didn’t join a society last year, join one this year. Get stuck in, because you won’t be at university forever!