๐ŸŽƒ Halloween - through the years

I think this goes without saying that the quality of my Halloween costumes has deteriorated over the years, as has my ability to spend time and money on my costume.

Letโ€™s start with first year, a year when I definitely had one of the best Halloween costumes ever! All it took was white paint, scar tattoos, fake blood, a nice black dress, contacts and a prop rose- thatโ€™s all. I even remember practicing my make up for the day, weeks before Halloween! I had decorated my room with spiders running along my wall, skeletons on my window welcoming the onlookers, and I even offered my flat mates some eye ball chocolates to get everyone in the spirit. I miss those times in first year when I was so pumped to get in the spirit, plan out my costume and could afford to miss an entire nights work (โ€ฆor Iโ€™m just lazy now!). We met up at a friendโ€™s place and headed to the SU with our (pre-booked) tickets for the night. I remember being welcomed by headphones and silent discoing whilst waiting in line โ€“ a pretty novel way to queue. I played a lot of pool, danced and was entertained by all the wonderful performances (especially the ladies with the stilts). I remember people asking me what/who I was supposed to be? I answered, โ€œVengeful Spiritโ€ What do you think? We ended our night with food (of course) from the lovely Jakeโ€™s... and me falling asleep on my friendโ€™s carpet.

Second year was a lot simpler and casual in comparison. I wanted a relatively early night in as I had an early start the next day, and a new friend (at the time) suggested we play some pool. Surely, I couldnโ€™t go casual, so I threw some whiskers on my face and wore a leopard printed outfit to match the face. This time, nobody around me had burning doubts as to what/who I was, it was nice to fit in.

This year, we decided to attend a weekend Halloween party in Bristol before actual Halloween (could not afford losing hours on a weekday obviously!). The night started off with a house party where we had a couple of drinks, met some new people and played games, and ended up at a club (I cannot seem to remember the name) and mandatory pizza after. As for my costume, I used the same scar tattoos and face paint from first year and just threw on a black top and skirt โ€“ it does the trick (or treat).

I guess what Iโ€™m trying to say is, enjoy Halloween as much as you can in your first year because you may not have the luxury or the energy in the later years of your University life. Having said that, this may literally just be me, and if so, hats off to you!