🐘 Thailand 🐘

I think I speak for most people when I say that finishing the last exam/coursework of your degree is a great feeling, and that you want to end your university experience with a bang! I did this by booking a holiday to Phuket, Thailand, to experience a new part of Asia, a new culture, new foods, and mostly importantly, to make new memories.


The holiday got off to a slightly rocky start when I learned the β€˜visa on arrival’ had to be obtained in Bangkok not Phuket, and I only had a one-hour connection! But it all worked out in the end and I managed to get to my destination airport before being escorted to the resort I would be calling home for the next week. Luckily this was in an air conditioned private taxi because temperatures were past 30 degrees, and the humidity was high! Upon arriving at the resort we were kindly welcomed with a cold, tropical drink and showed to our room – it had a balcony with beach views and palm trees! The first thing we did was check out the beach, which was only a few minutes away, before heading into the local town to see what it had to offer.


It wasn't very long before we had to head back to escape the soaring temperatures, but we still got a good idea of the area. Having had a break from the sun and with evening fast approaching, we went back out into the town to find some food. There was one particular street that was lined with restaurants on both sides, all with people trying to lure you in, but in typical student style we went for the cheapest; it was still so tasty though!


The next few days were filled with exploration of Phuket and the experiences it had to offer, including: a general tour; walking around some of the greatly decorated temples; a ridiculous amount of offers for tuk-tuks and taxis (we took the local bus instead!); an island hopping tour, with plenty of snorkelling and photo opportunities; an experience at an elephant safari, involving learning about processing of coconut products, the production of rubber, how to make Thai green curry, and (of course) an elephant trek through the forest; and exploring the local markets for bargains. Of course this is a very brief summary of what we did and if you were able to see all the pictures and videos I took, you would see that we definitely made the most of the time we had there.


So if you’ve just finished your degree too, and have some time before going into the working world or further education, do something fun; something you’ll remember, something you might not have time for once you start the next stage of your life. Celebrate your achievement!