🌞 Getting Involved 🌞

Some people tend to be camera shy or simply don’t like being photographed, but I am not one of them. Early September in 2016, there was an email that was circulated about an opportunity to appear on the University’s student life magazine and I responded (why not right?). Fortunately, they liked having me as one of the faces of the Plymouth University and I went along to the photoshoot. The day of the shoot was great, we got to bathe in the sun (miracle!) in the Marina, our drinks and food were paid for and we got to visit some small local shops in Plymouth. The whole experience was a really good way of getting to know more about antique and vintage shops (that I didn’t know of) and some hidden food places (good value for money as well). The picture taken at the Marina made it to the front cover of the magazine and I must admit, Plymouth looks very warm and sunny!

2. The Student Life Magazine.JPG

Not long after the magazine came out, I was approached by the blogging team at the University which got me super excited (I still am) for the opportunity at hand as I had never really blogged before. The same picture was used for the student blogging flyer and also went up at the train station. Seeing your picture blown up, every time you catch the train is a bit overwhelming and exciting at the same time; nonetheless I am still very honoured! Even the ticket stand has a (different) picture of me looking mighty pleased with my drink, so if you do happen to go to the train station, do have a look out for a photo of me (you won’t miss it). Since then I have taken part in one other photoshoot for the University’s website. In a nut shell, my message would be to get involved in any way you can whilst you’re here, and (who knows?) you might even open some new doors and (better) opportunities for yourself.

2. For an promotional video in Faro, Portugal.jpg

An easy and fairly common way of getting involved with the University is to sign up to become a student ambassador or a PALS leader. I have written separate blogs on these topics so I won’t elaborate (do check them out!). These opportunities also bring in some extra spending money, which is a bonus. Other ways of getting involved include joining clubs or societies (of interest), perhaps applying for a part time job at the University and/or taking part in competitions representing the University. My best friend took part in a space station competition and the group he was in, happened to win the Undergraduate’s prize (a certificate and money) and had the opportunity to present their project in London. Their project will also be showcase in the National Space Center in Leicester (I wish I was that smart!).

2. At the train station.jpeg

Volunteering for events can also be beneficial as it enables you to connect. In my first year, I volunteered for the international advisory services and the lady recommended me to the Alumni Board of the University, and now I am part of the University’s Alumni Committee. So, getting involved in University in terms of media, volunteering or representing your faculty is a great way to complete your University experience and make yourself known and (most importantly) remembered.