Student ambassador-ing!


Being a student ambassador has been a great experience in terms of university life; one that I will never forget. I have had the pleasure of meeting several new people from different backgrounds and listened to their stories, as well as people from different courses. When I say student ambassador, most people think I have the role of ‘helping out’, but it’s so much more than that. As well as helping out during events like taster days, open days and welcome week, I get to chat to potential first year students as well as their parents/carers about my degree and give them my honest opinion - this helps by giving them a little bit of reassurance on their choices, and is also a great way to help promote the degree itself! For my course, I typically get to help out at our renowned marine station, talk about the dive facilities, show them around the lecture and practical rooms and talk about what we learn. On applicant days we student ambassadors get involved practically in the labs, along with the applicants, and take part in experiments and spotting organisms under the microscope. This is great fun for the potential Fresher’s (and us!) as they get a glimpse of what we do, and we get to share our knowledge and passion on the subject.

People also seem to be apprehensive about other university facilities such as campus accommodation, part-time jobs, additional study options, extra-curricular activities, etc. Due to the diversity of people, interests and questions, adaptability is key to be able to satisfy their needs; listening to them and tailoring conversations for the individual to ensure they extract the information they’re looking for. This also gives me an opportunity to share my experiences, not only as a marine biology student but also as a Plymouth University student, to inform them of aspects of university life that they may not have considered.


Open days and applicant days have become a regular part of my university life which has helped me to build confidence in myself whilst helping others and giving back to the University. This has helped me to relate to other people much better, as I am able to share my experiences from the beginning of my time here to the present and I feel as if my input is valued.