The Triangle

This triangle that I am referring to is the eat-sleep-socialise triangle. I was scrolling through some memes and came across this one meme that caught my attention. There was a question asked that at first didn’t seem so difficult, but on doing some reflecting (Yes! Personal reflection is important guys :P) I found that it was a lot harder to answer that I had initially thought.

It said, “If you had to sacrifice one of these, which one would it be?” and there was a triangle and on the ends of the triangle were ‘eat’, ‘sleep’ and ‘socialise’.

Surely sacrificing eating or sleeping is not good for the health so, my final answer was socialising, but was that really the right answer? As social animals, it is in our biology to be social. For that and a lot of other reasons, that wasn’t the right answer either.

What I did learn from that question was how important it is to manage my time. Think about it, eating, sleeping and socialising in right amounts allows you to have time for other priorities, such as revision, work, revision (again), coursework, revision (We’ve all got to do it) and other extracurricular activities.

    Try to improve on a skill in your free time

    Try to improve on a skill in your free time


    I implemented that question and the idea of time management in my PALS session and I had asked my PALS chicklings (If I may) to draw out a circle, which represented 24 hours and to fill it in with their day to day activities, like a pie chart. What they (and myself) took from that was, we spend so much time with the ‘non-important’ bits in our day and we don’t make time for the ‘important’ bits.

    Some of the points that I highlighted when a student questioned the reason behind the triangle activity, were:

    • Time and tide wait for none. I don’t know about you, but ever since I have begun studying at the University, I have learned and accepted that 24 hours in a day is not enough.
    • Scheduling slots for activities based on their priorities helps you effectively use time. You know what helps me sleep at night? Knowing that my day has been productive!
    • Allows you to gain some self-discipline. This goes hand in hand with avoiding procrastination, but who am I kidding? We all do it. Just try doing it less because the less you procrastinate, the faster you can finish with whatever the goal it is that you have set for the day and the faster you can crash! (Even this post was submitted late due to procrastination).
    What I do in my free time. MORE EATING!

    What I do in my free time. MORE EATING!


    Saying all that, free time is also very important. Yes, time is limited and yes, we may not have enough time at the end of our oh-so-busy day to have some time to ourselves. But, the more you get done in your day, the more extra time you accumulate.

    Remember, we are all at the stage where we choose what to do with the time we are given. So use it wisely.

    MORAL – Memes could teach you a thing or two.