⛪ Finding A Spiritual Home at University ⛪

It is imperative once you find a house at your new city, you then go and seek to find a spiritual home. A lot of us grew up going to Church, Mosque, Temple and various other spiritual buildings. Out of routine, our parents, siblings and close friends all would go and we followed suit. For some of us, that was the norm.


At university, you are your own alarm clock and motivation. The onus is on you in every aspect of your life from cooking, money management, washing clothes etc. it is completely up to you to maintain yourself and it is vital that as well as taking care of ourselves career wise when we attend lectures and physically when we play sports and gym, that we do not neglect to take care of our spiritual well being.

I am a Christian and in my first year church was a major part of my life. I was attending service actively and even became a youth leader. It was ideal. By the end of first year my church family were my favourite group of people I had met in Plymouth. I even left my biological family in London to come back to Devon for a week away in Swanage (Google it, I had to as well) with my fellow youth leaders and youth members.


Second and third year are in stark contrast to my first. Various things took place which limited and made it harder for me to attend. Sometimes I would have work or other things going on. The other times, if I am to draw myself out, was due to apathy.


There are countless societies all over the Univeristy so I implore you; whatever your religion, find a group or if you cannot find it, create one with like-minded people. It will keep you going through whatever hardships you may face at University and you will undoubtedly make great friends and memories.


If you've been cheeky and have decided to scroll down towards the end of this blog and you are now reading this sentence, the long and short of this is; prioritise your spiritual wellbeing. It is the only thing that is eternal.

Regards, Alphonso

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The importance of fellowship cannot be understated