🎭 Us vs Them 🎭

In school there is this 'Us vs Them' mentality. Teachers vs Students. At university, it's different. It is vital you understand your lecturers want you to succeed from the get go.


Sometimes as students we do not want to ask for help for a number reasons; even fear, especially if you have asked them for help before and you do not want to appear slow or bothering them. Delete that mentality.

It is their job to help you and it is your job to work hard. Your lecturers are specialists in your chosen course so utilise them and their knowledge.


Furthermore, they're humans. Beyond your course they have a life, family, hobbies etc. Sometimes it is nice to just book a half an hour and talk to your lecturer about anything besides what is going on in the course. Throughout the three years I would do this with my head lecturer and it would vary from family life, sports, to religion, race etc. Me being a massive sports fan, you can imagine the awe on my face when he told me he had played and scored in an FA Cup game. I'm pretty sure I was staring into his eyes lovingly. But it was a great reminder to me that, we have so much more in common than just our love for our subject.


Regards, Alphonso


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