🕺 Making Friends on Plymouth Nights Out 🕺

Once of age, like most 18 year olds I was excited about the idea of clubbing. So much so that on my first night out I got to the club 2 hours before any of my friends. I know, novice. When I first arrived in Plymouth I did not know a single soul. In fact I did not even know where I was geographically.  With that being said I wanted (and certainly achieved) to spend a lot of my first year in this new utopia out and about, having as much fun as I could possibly find. A by-product of me finally deciding to go University in the last weeks of August (a story for another blog) meant all the accommodations were full, so I got gently placed in a house with 4 strangers.  

I began building different groups of friends as the weeks went on during my first year. Namely my amazing church friends - but I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to be the heathen of the group who consistently suggested we attend nightclubs. My friendship circles were growing, yet, still I found myself on some weekdays/ends with unlimited (but definitely desired) time on my hand. With Gary Lineker aiming yet another moderately funny quip at the camera, Match of The Day would soon be finished. Having Lineker say ‘bye’ is not the end of the world for most students; however, cap that alongside my unwillingness to pay the £££ Netflix subscription fee, and you have yourself a young lad itching to do more with his Saturday night than count lambs. So I would find myself moonwalking towards my wardrobe to put on my favourite tracksuit and head out of my humble abode to make the most of whatever Devon had to offer me.  


A few of the many great things about clubbing alone is:  

1. You are the only person you have to concern yourself with. 

2. You only have to pay for your entry.  

I have had to learn that number two is a luxury. I have a friend who is notorious for waiting in line until we are at the club doors and can hear the bass thumping, before shamelessly tapping me on my shoulder, while repeating my name, then gently proceeding to utter in my left ear “Ahh Alfie, I left my wallet at home, can you cover me please, and I will pay you back.”  And of course it is only by sheer coincidence he has his ID (which is usually in his wallet) and enough money to buy himself a drink an hour later. Sheer coincidence I assure you.  

I digress. 


3. You get to leave on your own accord. 

So many nights I have been itching to flee Pryzm because the DJ has seen it fit to play “Man’s Not Hot” four times in a row, only with a different bassline accompanying the song.  

And last but by no means least… 

4. It is impossible that your friends will leave you stranded because…you haven’t made any yet! 

In conclusion, some of the best nights and friends I have had in this city all began with me being brave enough to make the decision to remove myself from my sofa and embark on a journey to find the best nightlife Plymouth had to offer me. There is no joy in staying in and being unsociable, and you never remember the nights you stayed in and had “a quiet one”. So in the wise words of Greek philosopher Inch-ius from Section Boyz “Rise and pop off”.  

Regards, Alphonso.   

My favourite song at the moment is Dave – Hangman.