🏞️ Getting Involved with your Faculty

Hi reader,

Two great things happened this month…

Filming on Dartmoor

Following some of my work as a student ambassador for the School of Engineering, I’ve found myself involved in a video campaign for new applicants to the university (still not quite sure how!). Over the past month, I’ve been working with the university’s marketing team, or rather, they’ve been working and I’ve been enjoying trips to Dartmoor 😊 Hopefully, in the next month or two, they will be able to stick all the footage together to create a video about my student experience at Plymouth and what I am aiming to do with my degree (I’ll post a link in one of my next blogs when it’s finished!).

Firstly, the whole experience is really interesting and has given me a new appreciation for how much effort goes into just a few seconds of film! Secondly, Dartmoor is breath-taking, and, at just 15 minutes travel time, it’s practically on our doorstep! The dramatic winter backdrops with tors, forest pockets and wild ponies make it truly unique. Even braving the single digit temperatures in my shorts hasn’t put me off yet!


We managed to catch the sunrise during our last trip there, a 6am start in the rain but well worth it. Admittedly, a sunrise is something I’ve caught at the end of my day more often than the start, so this too was quite an experience!

Publishing my Research

So, if you’re applying to university, you’ve probably heard a few people talk about a dissertation or thesis and, if you’re already a student, it’s likely that you’re either writing it or reading blogs to avoid writing it (there’s no shame in that!). Basically, it’s an opportunity to be in charge of your own research project and look into something that interests you within your field.

Dartmoor 2.JPG

My course offers a year in industry placement and mine focused on engineering solutions to urban flooding. For my dissertation project, I chose to look into sustainable drainage (I promise it’s more interesting than it sounds!). I wanted to see if there was a way to bring Plymouth’s dense city centre back to nature a bit and future-proof it against climate change. Well, it turns out that the company I was working for, the University, and the city council seemed to like my idea too, and the University has offered to publish my research this year! This is an opportunity open to all STEM students and definitely something worth getting involved with if you get the chance.

It just goes to show that saying yes to a few things, helping where you can for new students and getting really stuck into your degree can lead to some unforgettable experiences and open doors you didn’t even know were there!