Why I chose Plymouth

Choosing where you’re going to be living and, most importantly, studying for the next 3 or 4 years is quite a big decision in my opinion and, hopefully, yours.

I looked at many different aspects when choosing what universities to apply for. It wasn’t just course content that I would base my decision on. I had a check list of things I was looking for when choosing which universities to apply to. Many people’s check lists are going to differ to a certain extent but this is what I was looking for particularly and why I chose Plymouth.

First off was distance from home. I wanted somewhere far enough away from home that I wouldn’t receive unplanned visits from the parents but close enough that I wouldn’t spend all of my precious student loan on train fares when I did want to go home. Plymouth, with good train links with Birmingham and the north fitted quite nicely for me.

The size of the uni was a big attraction for me too. More students means a better night life, right? Definitely! Plymouth is a brilliant night out and good value too! There are a lot of bars marketed towards students so cheap prices. Perfect.

A visit to the uni was next on the cards. I was invited to an Applicant Day after I received my conditional offer. The plan was to travel down and spend a night in Plymouth so we could spend a whole day looking around the place. My first impression when looking around the uni was that I could definitely see myself studying there in the future. This was down to the fact that the student ambassadors, lecturers, and everyone was super friendly and welcoming.

Overall Plymouth is a lovely place to study and live. Being by the sea is huge bonus in my life but it’s not the only thing that Plymouth has to offer. Come and visit and I guarantee that you’ll fall in love just as me and all my friends have done down here.