Tackling revision

Exam period is always a stressful time of the year for everyone. Revision can be boring, but with a few simple tips it can be alright.

First off, I suggest starting revision early and doing a little, even just half an hour a day can do the world of good. Topping up that knowledge little by little and then it will be full to the brim by the time of the exam.

I find, especially with maths, it’s the self-satisfaction that keeps me going all day long. When you’re learning or revising some super complicated theorem or equation and then you finally crack it and understand it. What a feeling.

Another top tip from myself is to stay super organised, it’s a small thing but it really does help. Make lists of topics you need to revise and how you are going to revise them. Then you can get some extra self-satisfaction from ticking items off the list. Top organisation goes hand in hand with a tidy desk and a good working environment. Nobody is going to produce some top quality revision in a dirty, messy, and badly lit environment. So tidy your desk, make a banging cup of tea, and do some tremendous revision.

Last but definitely not least is the music. Music is a 100% necessity when revising for me. Whether that’s just listening to some smooth radio or some banging mix off of soundcloud. Put on whatever you enjoy listening to the most but I do recommend switching it up every now and then. Bit of variety never hurts anyone.

Hopefully I’ve helped you out a little here and made revision just a little more bearable.

Good luck in your exams guys.