Throwback to my most amazing summer yet

So it was the end of my first year, but unknown to me it was the start to a few very enjoyable months.

First off was ramming my dad’s car with all the belongings I’d managed to hoard over the past 8 months or so, not everything made it back with me sadly.

I was back in sunny Birmingham and with no real plan to my summer. I had tried to obtain a job for over the summer period but to no avail. At this point I thought I’d be having a pretty boring summer but, then, some luck came along and my sister offered me to the law firm she works at for a couple of days to do some data entry. Using my ‘charming’ personality and hard work I proved myself over the short period of time I was supposed to be working there. For some reason they liked me and asked me to stay longer and work on another project. I won’t bore you with the details but basically it concerned mis-sold property. I manged to stay working there until I moved back down to Plymouth in September.

Getting this job enabled me to have a very fruitful social life over the summer. With many adventures taking place and not missing a weekend off these are some of the highlights.
I took a trip down to Plymouth for the world renowned MTV Crashes Plymouth, the sun decided to show its face and the sunglasses came out. Tinie Tempah killed his set and I was with the people I would be living with for next 2 years. I had a brilliant few days down in sunny Plym, but then it was back to work and waiting for next weekend for another adventure or night out.

It was one of my very good friend's 21st Birthday. Is there any better excuse to spend a couple of days in the brilliant city of London? I don’t think so. We left nice and early Saturday morning so we could be good tourists and visit Big Ben, the London Eye, and squeeze in a couple of pints before we got ready to go on a night out. Let’s just say the journey back the next day wasn't too pleasant.