Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge - Taking part in sports at university

Joining a sports club or society while you're studying at university has a lot of benefits, as other student bloggers have pointed out! I wasn't sure what I wanted to do - I wasn't too interested in football or rugby, but wanted to join a sports club and take part. During Freshers Week I saw that the dodgeball club were running a 'Give it a Go' session where anyone could take part for free and I decided to go.

I'm so glad I did - over the last few years, I have had a great time being involved with the dodgeball club! The game is open to people of all abilities and is a lot of fun, but it can get competitive at times. In my first few months at the club, myself and some of the friends I'd made at the club decided to form a Mexican-themed team called "Los Dodgerados" (don't laugh!). We competed in an inter-society tournament and ended up coming in first place and winning a sweet trophy!

While the sport isn't recognised at BUCS (unlike fellow blogger Joe's experiences in Archery), there are still a lot of opportunities to compete. The club has organised several charity tournaments between societies as well as competed in inter-university matches against Southampton, Surrey, Bath and more.

After my first year in the club, I wanted to help take the club even further and ran for a spot in the committee, and was elected the Social Media and Website Manager for the club. I got to work straight away and set up the club's new site and helped rebrand the old PUDC to the new and improved UPDBC (University of Plymouth Dodgeball Club). Being part of a committee was a great way to gain experience in teamwork and decision-making, as well as do things that had a real impact for the members.

Being the web and social media guy also meant that I could apply a lot of the skills I was learning on my course to real-world situations, but still have some fun with it. Here is a fun example of a promotional video I made for the club!

All clubs and societies are great places to meet new people from outside of your course or your accommodation. Most clubs also hold socials where members take part in fun activities or go out together, and with dodgeball I have played bubble football, played paintball, had lots of meals and been to lots of fancy dress nights out! It's all a lot of fun and I really recommend looking up clubs and societies to join. There's a sports and societies fair near the start of the year where all of the clubs have a stall and you can ask questions and sign up - check it out when you come in September!