Socials - Paintballing with the UPDBC!


One of the best parts about being in a sports club or a society are the socials that you can go on. Over the years, I've taken part in all kinds of socials - from paintball, bubble football and Christmas meals to all of the themed party socials, like "Dress Your Mate", "Three-legged" and "D Party", where everyone has to dress as something starting with the letter 'D'. 

The dodgeball club's annual paintball social is always a hit with the members and is a great opportunity to get out and do something with friends that you might not normally do. We were split into two teams and played a variety of games, including Speedball, Castle, Zombie Hill and Vietcong Village.


It was a great way to test your teamwork and your awareness - but dodging tiny balls of paint was not as easy as a normal dodgeball!


My fellow intern Georgia also came along for paintball (take a look at her blog to find out more about her time at Plymouth studying her undergrad and postgrad here)!


Overall, it was a great day and another great social. I fully recommend joining a sports club or society during your time at will meet so many new people and have the opportunity to get out and do things you wouldn't normally do if you concentrated on just your course! The UPSU site has complete lists of all sports clubs and societies, take a look and see what you'd enjoy - with over 150+ to choose from, there's definitely something for everyone!