Why I chose to study Optometry

Hello folks, my name is Adam Ogidi. I have the pleasure of saying that I am a 2nd year optometry student that is passionate and well driven for this profession. Right now, I can say I am living and breathing optometry (literally!). Many of you are asking does he ever doing anything else apart from optometry? The answer is yes I do, I enjoy the social interactions every once in a while, just to let my brain relax and I am a health freak so you can find me in the gym most days. Recently my friends and I had  a mini golf tournament at our house which was a fun way to spend a Friday night!

My end goal having graduated from university with a BSc (Hons) degree in optometry is to go on and become an ophthalmologist (eye doctor), yeah unfortunately that does mean spending another ten years of my life studying but if the passion is there, like it is with me, those ten years will fly by! For those intrigued to know about the life of an optometry student, I can tell you that 1st year is a doddle, but now that I’m in 2nd year, it just takes time, focus and hardwork to achieve your potential. With the school of health professions, we are based at the university of St. Mark and St. John half of the time.  I can safely say the course I am doing is both interesting and rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone looking to go into a health for the above reasons, oh and two more reasons are that it’s highly employable and well paid!