I chose Plymouth hands-down because the chemistry course they offered contain a lot of practical work, and was more coursework based than the same course offered by other universities. This was exactly what I was looking for; less reliance on end of year exams and more on whether you can put the knowledge to practice in a lab.
— Joseph
Almost straight away when I found my course I knew that Plymouth was the place for me. But honestly, the student life, campus and city itself were just a bonus that I did not expect.
— Melanie
Health care degrees are so varied and the lecturing staff at the University of Plymouth are diverse, specialist and are well connected in respected fields. These degrees really do offer something for everyone. If you are considering a health care degree or simply thinking about returning to university, I thoroughly recommend a Plymouth open day.
— Julie
It does feel like a holiday at times, especially with the sea being so close and all the nice views, plus the buildings on campus are so close together, with the student union right in the centre. I really like that about Plymouth; the scenery and the proximity of the buildings on campus are the main reasons I chose it in the first place.
— Sam
This part of the country has given me so much time and so many opportunities to pursue my passions in Scuba Diving and sports, whilst studying for an incredibly interesting and fulfilling degree. Physical Geography and Geology (PGG) has been the perfect course for me, teaching me the ins and outs of geology and the processes on the Earth’s surface that are intrinsically linked to the geology. My course has been full of brilliant fieldwork experiences in a huge range of places with crazy weather coming with each different trip.
— Gaius